Be The First to Try Egg White Chips — Preorder Your 4-Pack Now!

Be The First to Try Egg White Chips — Preorder Your 4-Pack Now!



Cheddar omelette: Feed your cravings with some homestyle cheddar. Made from a non-dairy, natural cheddar blend, cheddar omelette will make your mouth water and power you through any adventure.

Quevos Rancheros: The eggcitement of gourmet huevos rancheros, combined with the convenience of a bag of chips. Quevos rancheros has the crunch of a tortilla and the zest of salsa, with all the macros to get you through the day.

BBQ: Fresh off the grill, barbecue Quevos is sure to liven up your day. Bursting with flavor and optimal nutrition—the team’s favorite chip.

Creamy Dill: Inspired by our founder’s family recipe, this rich, non dairy, creamy dill is our take on the classic sour cream chip. 



  • Egg whites, pea protein, avocado oil, quinoa flour, acacia fiber, xanthan gum, seasoning blend. 
  • All Flavors are Dairy-Free, Gluten Free and Soy Free.
  • Processed in a facility that also processes dairy.


Why Egg Whites?

Egg-Whites are rich in Protein (contain all nine amino acids), Vitamin D, B6, B12, and have a natural balance of naturally occurring sodium & potassium

When will I get my chips?

Your chips will be mailed to you in the fall!

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