Ketogenic Destiny

Ketogenic Destiny

I started eating low carb/keto July 2017 when I found myself weighing over 250 pounds at age 23. I had always been overweight and had bad eating habits, but after I became a stay at home mom with two toddler girls, my health became even more neglected. I always wanted to lose weight, but was never able to commit. I had tried every diet out there, besides low carb. I figured I would give it a shot, I didn’t have anything to lose...besides a lot of weight. I began losing weight fairly quickly, and what was considered my last-ditch effort soon became my lifestyle. I am now down over 75 lbs.

Since I do consider this a lifestyle and not just a fad diet, that means I need to find foods that fit into my life, instead of planning my life around food. Even though I want to live a healthy lifestyle, I still want to eat snacks with my kids when I watch movies, enjoy after dinner treats, and be able to relax with chips and dip on a Sunday to watch a Packers game.

I first saw Quevos chips when a friend on Instagram uploaded a photo of them, saying how good they are! When I read that they are egg-white chips, I was definitely interested, as I try to incorporate eggs and egg whites into my diet often because of the health benefits.

When I got the chips in the mail, I was excited because it’s hard for me to find delicious low carb snacks, and I can only so much string cheese. The first kind I tried was the BBQ. I ate the whole bag right away, and since then the BBQ chips have been my favorite. In the same week I tried two other kinds and they were just as good as the BBQ. I love that the flavors are so bold! While I do like the texture, I actually found it to be more comparable to a cracker than a chip.

Right now, I enjoy eating them without dip, as a snack throughout the day. But my fiancé recently started eating low carb as well, and I am super excited to use the Quevos chips to make us nacho platters, or just enjoy with queso dip. I have tried other brands of low carb chips and just wasn’t a fan of how bland the flavoring was compared to Quevos. I am excited about all of the possible flavors they could release, like sriracha or salt & vinegar.

Author Destiny Schroeder / Published: Jan-25-2019