What are Quevos?

Quevos are high protein, low carb chips made from egg whites. Finally a delicious, crispy, and nutritious snack you can feel great about eating!

As a Type 1 Diabetic, co-founder Zack had to account for every gram of carbohydrate that he ate. Traditional starchy snacks like pretzels or potato chips were cumbersome because they required Zack to take an insulin shot. The solution? A crispy and boldly flavorful snack that delivers the nutrition and purity of an egg white omelette with the on-the-go ease of a traditional chip.

Where can I buy Quevos?

Quevos are available directly on our website, quevos.com, or can be found through Amazon. You can also find them at a store near you! Check out our store locator here.

How do I find out what ingredients are in your products?

All of our ingredients are listed on the back of each bag and outlined directly on our website. Head to the “Shop” tab to find out exactly what makes our egg white chips so great!

Are your products keto-friendly?

Our keto-friendly flavors provide a good source of protein and fiber in addition to being extremely low carb! Our current keto flavors are: Honey Mustard, Dill Pickle, Quevos Rancheros and Sour Cream & Onion.

Are your products gluten free?

Yes! Quevos are gluten free (all flavors) and grain free (all flavors except Honey Mustard). They’re made from wholesome ingredients like egg whites, prebiotic fiber, and chia seeds.

How do I check the status of my order?

Once you’ve completed your purchase, you will receive an email confirmation for your order. When your order ships out, you will receive another email with your tracking number so you can see how long it is until you can snack on your Quevos chips.

When will my order be shipped?

Thank you for placing an order with us! Due to COVID-19 & increases in shipment volumes, USPS is currently experiencing delayed transit times and tracking number updates. Our delivery window is currently: 3 weeks. After placing your order, you’ll receive an order confirmation outlining your purchase. Once tracking is available, you’ll receive a notification with a tracking number. Thank you for your patience!

What is the refund policy?

We hope you have an excellent experience with us! Please reach out to team@quevos.com should you have any questions. Please note, there are NO refunds available for packages that arrive within our promised delivery window. Our delivery window is currently: 3 weeks. We will of course consider any requests regarding substantial damage in transit (beyond normal wear and tear). The purpose of our policy is to avoid refunds for customers who do not enjoy our product. Quevos are a food item and due to food safety concerns we don’t want to resell bags and cannot except return shipments.

Who do I contact for partnership or influencer related inquiries?

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Quevos! Please click here for more information on how to partner with us.

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, for the time being, we are only shipping domestic. Our team is working hard to expand our customer base! Please feel free to sign up for our email list; we would love to make you aware of any changes in the future! We look forward to making Quevos available for all potential customers.

Do you have a wholesale program?

Yes! To apply for a wholesale account with us, fill out the following form and a member of our team will get back to you: https://forms.gle/kLKFNbSrkEYot13L8