Tips to Master Snacking on Keto

Image Source: @ketocoffeeandlipstick

Image Source: @ketocoffeeandlipstick

When you’re on a keto diet, sometimes it sounds easier to skip snacktime than try to find a keto-friendly snack. As avid snackers, we think this is a form of torture that you should never endure. Instead, we believe in making snacktime work for you. We’ve compiled our best tips for snacking on keto to help you become a low-carb snacking master in no time.

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Read labels.

Snacktime can easily be the thing that puts you over your designated carb count for the day. Don’t let your midday treat derail you. Look for labels with fewer than 5 net carbs per serving. 

While you should be paying attention to carbs, try not to stress too much about the protein/fat composition during snack time -- you have wiggle room with both on a keto diet. Although macros are really important for a keto diet, so are ingredients. Look for fiber to keep you full until your next meal time. Double check the ingredients to make sure you’re eating mostly recognizable ingredients.


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Incorporate variety

Plot twist: you don’t have to eat the same thing every day on a keto diet. If anything, you shouldn’t. Think creatively about ways that you can bring variety into your snack time. Swap out your daily keto bomb for a handful of seasoned sunflower seeds. Switch your celery sticks out for cucumber with chili oil. Replace your cheese stick with Honey Mustard Quevos. Swap your beef jerky for a turkey and avocado roll-up. You get the idea. 


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Plan ahead.

With most conventional snacks containing a high carb count, it’s crucial that you plan ahead of snack time to avoid grabbing the closest carby snack when hunger hits. Be the friend or mom who always has an emergency keto-friendly snack on hand. 

Boil eggs. If you thought we’d go this whole blog without bragging about eggs, you were wrong. Eggs are the easiest, most versatile low-carb ingredient. Turn it into a snack by boiling a few on Sundays to have ready for munching throughout the week. We recommend topping with Everything seasoning. 

Invest in stasher bags. We recommend investing in eco-friendly stasher bags to carry around nuts, veggies (like celery) or hard boiled eggs. On your meal prep day, you can portion out your snacks in baggies to grab and go as you need throughout the week.

Buy pre-portioned snacks. If you don’t have the time to master meal prepping, we’ve got you covered. Purchase pre-portioned keto snacks (like Quevos, pre-portioned nuts or cheese sticks) to have on-hand whenever you need.


Follow Keto Influencers

This tip may seem silly, but we promise this is a keto hack you didn't know you needed. There are so many amazing keto influencers on social media who are posting their meals and snacks every day. Whenever you feel like you're in a recipe rut, scroll through one of their pages. Here are just a few of our favorites to follow (there are so many more!):