Cofounder Zack Schreier Interviewed on Type 1 Tribe Cofounder Zack Schreier Interviewed on Type 1 Tribe

Cofounder zack schreier interviewed on type 1 tribe

Samantha Farley, a recently diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic, is taking matters into her own hands. She quickly discovered that fellow diabetics are invaluable resources to each other, even more so than the diabetes practitioners and educators she interacted with when she was initially diagnosed. That’s why she founded Type 1 Tribe and began interviewing fellow Diabetics, including Quevos cofounder Zack Schreier. 
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Why Fiber Is Your Low-Carb Best Friend Image Source: @kat.eats

Why fiber is your low-carb best friend

You’ve just started out on a low-carb diet. You know the basics: stick to proteins and fats, and keep your carb intake at bay. It seems simple enough -- until your snack choices whittle down to a cheese stick and you never feel totally full. When all carbs become the enemy, an already-restrictive diet or lifestyle may feel close to impossible. Luckily, there’s a “hack” in the system (your digestive system, that is) that promotes fullness and lets you sneak in extra carbs -- without cheating on your diet at all. Meet your new low-carb best friend: fiber.

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